Sourdough Bread Benefits

What are the benefits of sourdough bread?

In this article, you will find out four benefits of sourdough bread:

  • Easier to digest
  • More Nutritious Than Regular Bread
  • Longer shelf life
  • Natural and sustainable process




Easier to digest

Sourdough bread is often easier to digest rather than a ‘normal’ bread that is fermented with commercial baker yeast.

Researchers believe this could partly be due to sourdough bread’s prebiotic content and probiotic-like properties. Regularly consuming both may help improve your gut health, easing digestion.

In another aspect, the longer rising time that is necessary to raise sourdough bread allows for the breakdown of the proteins (gluten in wheat) into amino acids, making it also easier to digest the bread.

This is, of course, good news for people who are gluten sensitive (not Coeliac) who experienced digestive side effect after eating gluten or wheat.


More Nutritious Than Regular Bread

Despite the fact that sourdough bread is often made from the exact flour as other types of bread, the fermentation process improves its nutrition values in several ways.

According to a study, sourdough fermentation may reduce the phytate content of bread by 24–50% more than conventional yeast fermentation.

This is, of course, crucial, and beneficial, considering the fact that phytate can reduce your body’s ability in absorbing minerals or any other good nutrients.

Another positive sourdough benefit will be that due to the fermentation process, many of the simple sugars present in the grain are ‘eaten up’ in the process.

This leads to bread that is easier on blood sugar levels and the fermentation process also makes the bread higher in nutrients, especially B vitamins.

Last, but not least, the lactic acid bacteria present in sourdough bread have the ability to release antioxidants during sourdough fermentation, which is always a huge plus.




Longer shelf life

During the fermentation process in sourdough, lactic acid is being created and helps the bread to keep longer by inhibiting the growth of molds.

So, you can definitely count on your sourdough bread to last for a longer time and stay fresh for a great period of time.




Natural and sustainable process

One of the greatest benefits of the sourdough process is that you use the most basic, and simple, ingredients in the baking world, and once you understand this natural process you can easily do it yourself.

Another benefit is that you won’t need to buy commercial yeast every time, or even to remember buying it.

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